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    Latest Satellite Launches, Changes, FTA info's


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    Latest Satellite Launches, Changes, FTA info's

    Post by JL.SM on Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:36 pm


    1st Update

    AzerSpace 1. 46E

    "Bollywood TV HD" temporarily FTA on 11057 V 22710 5/6. DVB-S2.

    Hot Bird 13B. 13E

    "Horn Cable TV" appeared on 12520 V 27500 3/4, Fta.

    Eutelsat 36C. 36E

    "Fashion One 4K" will appear in the package "Tricolor TV" on 12360 27500 R 5/6 DVB-S2 HEVC, DRE-Crypt.

    Eutelsat 70B. 70.5E

    "Kyrgyz" appeared on 12686 V 20857 5/6 DVB-S2, Fta.

    Yamal 401, 90 East

    TRT Avaz, TRT and TRT Cocuk Diyanet TV have, on the Northern Beam, at 10.972 GHz, h, with 11,200 and 3/4, leave the RuSat SD digital package.

    Turksat 4A, 42 East

    A Dogan TV HD package launched on the West Beam, to 12,073 GHz, v, with 27,500 and 5/6, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK. All 14 TV programs encoded in VideoGuard. There are - Travel Channel, Euro Sport 2, NBA TV, After Midnight, Food Network, The Figth Network, Discovery Science, CNN International, BBC, Erotica, Fox Sports, Max Premium, Smart Cocuk and Baby TV, Pid's 102/202 track the Audiopid 302 to 112/212, and 114/214 track with the Audiopid 314 to 116/216 track with 316.

    Express AMU1, 36.1 East

    In TricolorTV HD package on the Eastern Russia Beam at 12.073 GHz, l, with 27,500 and 3/4, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK, two TV programs are switched - both encrypted in ADEC and DRE-Crypt. New History Russia HD, Pid's 1931/1932.
    In HEVC digital package on 12.360 GHz, March, with 27,500 and 5/6, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK HEVC, three TV programs are switched. Newcomer's Fashion One 4K, Pid's 1721/1722 - all encrypted.

    Eutelsat 36B, 35.9 East

    In Georgian HD package on Europa WideBeam at 11.212 GHz, h, with 14,400 and 3/5, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK, is under Kartuli, Pid's 1010/1021, a My watch video information board , All four TV channels come in uncoded.

    Astra 2E, 28.5 East

    Transponder 43, 10.744 GHz, h, was on the UK-Beam on which with 23,000 and 2/3, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK HEVC, Sky UHD broadcasting, has been shut down. The program with Ultra HD and 9006, moved to Europe Beam, on transponder 54 on 11.758 GHz, h, with 29,500 and 8/9, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB-S QPSK 2 HEVC. Both channels encode in VideoGuard.

    EUTELSAT 13B / C, 13 East

    The Italian Telespazio SD Digital package on 11.179 GHz, h, with 27,500 and 3/4, contains only 10 TV and radio, TV encoding, the remaining ones open. The open Arab news channel ANB has left the transponder.
    The STN PLC Digital package on 12.520 GHz, v, with 27,500 and 3/4, contains 16 TV and five radio stations - all unencrypted. Alaraby 2 HD in MPEG-4 / HD QPSK, Pid's 1061/1062, switched to program. New Didgah TV, Channel Yek TV, Horn Cable TV (Somalia) and STN are promo, Pid's 1091/1092, 1151/1152, 1171/1172, and 1181/1182. King Fashion has left the transponder.

    Astra 4A, 4.8 East

    On Saturday, 16 July, there were on the Europe Beam, two open Ukrainian feed. In 12.712, or 12.715 GHz, h, with 3,333 under-UKR 013main and UKR-025, Pid's 1301/1302 Track with Audiopid 1303 or 2501/2502/8189 track with 2503rd
    On the Southeast Europe Beam launched parallel to 12.694 GHz, v at 12.734 GHz, h, with 3.333 and 5/6, a JurnalTv Moldova SD digital package with JurnalTv, test with a test card, as well as the radio Jurnal FM, Voceo_Basarabiei and MiculSamaritean, Pid's 101 / 102, 201/202, and Audiopid's 302, 402 and 502 - all unencrypted.

    Thor 0.8 West

    The UPC Direct pay-TV SD Digital package on 11.938 GHz, h, with 28,000 and 7/8, includes 22 TV channels - completely in Nagravision, Conax, Cryptoworks and Irdeto encrypted. New features include Discovery World and SVT Viasat3., Pid's 201/210 track with the Audiopid's 211, 212 and 214, or 1151/1160.
    New is on 12.188 GHz, v, with 28,000 and 7/8, Slager TV., Pid's 501/510, as all 19 TV channels, coded.

    Eutelsat 7 West A, 7.3 West

    In OSN HD package on the Middle East Beam at 11.373 GHz, h, with 27,500 and 2/3, in MPEG-4 / HD DVB S-2 8PSK, 11 TV programs are switched - fully encrypted in Irdeto and Betacrypt. 2 New Syfy Middle East, Pid's 3112/3113.

    Eutelsat 8 West B, 8 West

    21 TV and four radio stations are in Mena Media SD Digital package, on the Middle East WideBeam at 12.604 GHz, h, with 27.5000 and 5/6, switched - all open. New is DTV Algerie, Pid's 2021/3021.
    The Kurdish RR Media Digital package on 12.686 GHz, h, with 27,500 and 5/6, includes five TV and four radio stations - all uncoded. New Suroyo, Pid's 1471/1472.
    In Darsat digital package on 12.728 GHz, h, with 27,500 and 5/6, New Dream 2, Pid's 1610/2610 has again broadcasts. Iraq Sooq with an information board, Pid's 1621/2621, replacing radio zone. All 22 TV programs come in unencrypted.

    Eutelsat 7A, 7°E

    (08h38) Digitürk: Fenerbahçe TV is now encrypted in Irdeto 2 (11596.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:6410 PID:2255/3258 Turkish).
    (08h38) Digitürk: TRT Çocuk (Turkey) is now transmitted Free To Air (11455.50MHz, pol.V SR:20050 FEC:3/4 SID:1101 PID:2310/3310 Turkish). Daytime

    Hot Bird 13E, 13°E

    (09h07) New frequency for HCTV - Horn Cable TV: 12520.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:9017 PID:1171/1172 Somali- Clear).

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